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Open-Source Commerce Platform For Your On-Demand Cleaning Business

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Ever Platform provides solution to build on-demand Cleaning business and it’s fully customized as per your business requirements

Our Open-Source Platform fits all business needs, Small or Big. Get in touch with our friendly team today.

On-Demand Beauty Services

Link your customers to the stylist or the salon owners. Offer beauty services on demand at the finger tips.

Standalone Salons, Spas and Parlours

Launch an on-demand Platform for homeowners to conveniently book local services from trusted professionals.

Beauty and Wellness Aggregators

Build Your Own Beauty Marketplace Website. Bring beauty and wellness service providers under a single platform.

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Key Features of Ever Platfrom

A complete solution to manage and grow your business. Our powerful suite of tools helps increase sales, manage your schedules and engage with your clients.

White Label

Get white label website and apps under your branding for both Android and iPhone. Your brand, your apps.

On-Demand Apps

Get Ever Platform with amazing business apps. Get Customer app, Service agents app and Business dashboard.

Services Catalogue

Offer customized beauty packages to your customers. Manage your services catalogue in a hassle free way on salon software

Payment Gateways

Earn revenues with easy payment integrations. Plan services better through pre-paid appointments.

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Appointment Scheduling

Advance Salon Software with appointment scheduling feature for in venue or home-based clients, as per availability.

Real-Time Tracking

You can track in real-time all orders and your staff of beauticians. This will help you to have a bird view at all time.

Amazing features out of the box

Ever Platform comes with the best out of the box features.

  • Marketplace Admin
  • Salon Management
  • Customer App & Website
  • Beautician App

Admin Panel Like No Other. It Will Help You Run Your Beauty Business.

Our on-demand Platform is built with a highly customizable framework to suit your requirements. the users just have to book the beauty services, and the app will get the beautician at your doorstep.

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Manage Beauticians & Customers

Manage all bookings by customers and beauticians.

Manage Appointments

Convenient and easy to use Dashboard to view and manage appointments

Manage Services & Pricing

Features to manage with ease all services and set individual pricing.

Real-Time Tracking

Advanced system to track beauticians on job

Mobile friendly

Manage your business even when you are on the go through the mobile friendly interface.

Salon Management

Complete salon software that empowers your business.

Powerful Tool For Beauty Salons

Make it easy for beauty salon owners/managers to receive, approve and dispatch orders right from an easy to use tablet app.

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Order Dashboard

A central hub to keep a tab on all incoming and outgoing orders

Manage Business Info

Update business name, contact details, business hours, photos and more from the app.

Services Management

Salons can add and update their services listings, prices, items, etc.

Customer Details

Each salon get useful information about their online customer base.

Mobile friendly

Manage your business even when you are on the go through the mobile friendly interface.

Beauticians Management

Manage multiple beauty salons with ease, add, edit and remove partners.

Delightful Beauty Ordering Experience For Customers

Launch a white label beauty on-demand platform for your target customer base that enables them to seamlessly order beauty services in a few simple taps from their favorite salons nearby.

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Easy Onboarding

Quickly get started with email and social login options.

Intuitive UI

A rich browsing experience with beautifully laid out beauty salons listings and more.

Smart Search

Find the right beauty salon or beautician with intelligent filters and sorting options.

Order Tracking

Customers get real-time notifications to know more about their order status.

Multiple Payment Options

Seamless and secure order payments with multiple choices to choose from.

Manage Profile

Easily manage basic info, addresses, payment details, favorites, etc.

Ensure Efficient Service Dispatch And Happy Beautician Agents

The perfect companion app for any beautician agent that makes order dispatch and timely fulfillment much more efficient.

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Real-time Requests

Orders are assigned to nearby beautician right on the dedicated mobile app provided to them.

Service Information

All important information for a successful order fulfillment is made available in one place.

Payments & Performance

Beauticians can track their payments, job history and key metrics.

Manage Availability

Beautician can manage his availability with a simple START/STOP WORKING button.

Mobile friendly

Manage your daily tasks even when you are on the go through the mobile friendly interface.

Manage Profile

Easy management of profile related settings.

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Gym & Fitness
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