Web Developer Internship

Sofia, Bulgaria
Posted 2 years ago
We are looking for Web Developer Interns and expect you to be learning software development for some time in a well-known Academy, University, Bootcamp or on your own and now you feel you are ready to start working on real projects.
This is a PAID internship (3-6 months), FULL-TIME, which can grow in a steady full-time position and we are absolutely sure you will love it.
You must be someone who is smart, very motivated, and has built multiple small projects during your learning.
About Us
  • We are building custom software for customers worldwide: USA / UK / Australia, lots of interesting and challenging projects, guaranteed!
  • We are building multiple open-source Platforms, so you will contribute to the popular & growing open-source projects directly on Github!
Key responsibilities and requirements
  • Mostly you will be doing full-stack Web development using JavaScript / TypeScript / Angular and NodeJS. So we are looking for developers who will be able to work full-stack, both on client-side and server-side.
  • As we stated above, we will consider you even if you don’t have a working experience yet! However, most of your time you will spend with Angular on front-end, so only apply if you learned it for some time and feel confident to start working on real projects.
  • We do require a developer to learn or use TypeScript for a while in the past. You need to be able to understand the complex reactive code in the future and learn new things extremely fast.
  • In addition, you need to feel comfortable working with one (or more) of SQL DBs (e.g. MySQL, MS SQL, etc) and/or MongoDB.
  • Experience with the Ionic framework considered a bonus.
  • Experience with .NET also considered as a bonus (but it’s not enough to only know .NET for our projects, you need to know front-end TypeScript too!)
So, apply if you just starting your professional career and build at least few apps with rich front-end (Angular) and some APIs with NodeJS (or .NET) and can show us what you have built and explain how you did it (even it were your learning or Pet projects)… The link to your Github page, full of repos with your commits is very welcome! It’s not necessary should be huge apps, but something which will show you can build things from the first days at work!
  •  Learn new things extremely fast and can work on tasks independently and in the team
  •  Communication skills in verbal and written English (you should be able to explain and understand technical things, even if your English is not perfect)
Benefits for you
  •  Paid internship and lots, lots of learning with an extremely high possibility for permanent hire!
  • Tons of interesting projects – you will be doing contributions to both proprietary and open-source software!
  •  Free drinks at the office
  • Flexible working hours with optional remote work
Please apply with your CV (in English only). Join our R&D team and let’s build Ever company together! We look forward to meeting you!

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